Tools for the Times - North Canterbury Peer Support Initiative

7th April
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Guy Graham

03 327 5733

This is a new ENC initiative to support local business owners. A selection of North Canterbury’s highly experienced business operators have offered to share their time, expertise and knowledge with other local business owners that may need a bit of a chat with somebody that understands the challenges of running a business, particularly through difficult times.

We’ll match you with one of our Peer Support Provider friendly experts for a casual catch-up over your preferred cuppa so they can listen and offer ideas, support and insight. These PSP business professionals have been through many ups and downs and can offer some advice and support as to what you are going through.

This is not a formal process. Once you register, tell us your concerns then we will match you with the most appropriate Peer Support Provider to provide a good sounding board for you. 

We will e-introduce you to them and you can arrange a meeting - whether it be over a breakfast meeting or coffee break. 

The Peer Support Provider business owners involved in this are doing this to support local businesses and are all volunteers for this particular scheme, so please don't treat this with the same expectations you would of a formal coaching session.

If, after the meeting, the Peer Support Provider you are matched with identifies additional help then you may need to get back in touch with us regarding relevant coaching options. 

We will be following up to find out what value this provided to you and your business and whether it helped you to make some sound decisions.

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