Our regular business training events are attended by business people from all over the region. Here are some of the great responses we've had from participants.

Accelerator Business Growth Series

“This is definitely a good course, and real value for money. The skilled presenters know their stuff and you meet some great people. The Accelerator Business Growth Series confirmed that we are heading in the right direction with our business and gave me a better understanding of how to read and use financial statements to report issues before they occur.”
- Seamus Robertson, Angus Robertson Mechanical

“This course helped me clarify some long-term planning, made me realise I am on the right track but also that there are some things I need to tweak in my business. I signed up for the course because my business was at that point; I needed some help. Plus [through NZTE Funding] it was half price. The best part of the course was the one-on-one follow-up with Rhea Cowell from BDO - that woman is onto it! I will certainly be putting some of the things I learnt on this course into action very soon.”
- Lesley Ottey, Eco Educate

"The course was absolutely brilliant; the best course I've ever done. The value [of the course] is across the board. It's incremental and ongoing. Everything I'm doing in my business is influenced by everything I learnt on the course. A lot of thought has gone into the course and there is the underlying feeling that, although they [the facilitators from BDO] are business people practicing at a very high level, they were genuinely involved in the course and the people that attended.”
- Simon Rutherford, KORE

"I would strongly recommend anyone in business to attend this course. It is well-run and full of useful information. The additional knowledge I gained has led me to have the confidence in my ideas and to implement them, adding them to my business model. I thoroughly enjoyed it."
- Karen Purchase, Boutique Interiors

"The Accelerator Business Growth Series is a course I thoroughly recommend to people wanting to take some time to reflect on their own business practices and investigate potential areas for improvement and growth in their company. Being away from the day to day running of your company and focussing on working on your business is invaluable. Each of the sessions covered interesting topics and as it was a small group setting each session could be dynamic and tailored to the types of businesses in the room." 
- Anne Murphy, Hiking New Zealand


Talk with the Experts Series

"Many thanks to ENC for running the Talk with the Experts session; it was well run and proved to be an innovative way for people to work on aspects of their business. I found my session with Daniel Fitzpatrick from Business Solutions to be really worthwhile. Cheers and keep up the great work!
- Jo Buckner

"Extremely helpful and clarifying, highly recommend taking advantage of thie excellent opportunity for great advice".
- Charlotte Howard, nzseeds.co.nz

"A real confidence boost and reassurance that I was on the right track". 
- Lesley Ottey, Eco Educate

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