Talk with the Experts - Muritai Group

29th July
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Talk with the Experts - Muritai Group


If you want to attract more customers, this is your opportunity to have a free no-obligations discussion with Lee from Muritai Group.

Muritai Group are experts at:


  • Logo2Developing your marketing, business or brand strategy
  • Identifying your ideal clients (the people who most want what you have to offer)
  • Planning your communications
  • Connecting you with your customers
  • Putting your marketing into action


This is a no-obligation meeting that will give you an opportunity to work out what your next steps are.

You can attend in person or via video conferencing.

Simply click on the 'register now' link and let us know what you want to talk about. We'll send you a time and all the details you need.



You must be the owner of a North Canterbury based business, and that must be the business you discuss.

You can attend this meeting in person, or via the internet. This is a good option if you live a long distance from Kaiapoi. Our video conferencing system is simple to use and does not require setting up any online accounts.

 Limited availability - claim your space now.


Business Service Partners

Muritai Group is a business service partner of ENC. The support they offer us is greatly appreciated and we have no hesitation in asking you to support them.


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Who are Muritai Group?


To grow a business, your marketing needs to work harder than ever before. You need the right combination of smart strategy, deep understanding of your end buyer and a brand story that opens all the right doors.

Muritai Group is a marketing, branding and communications agency based in Christchurch. Inspired by the word ‘Muritai’ – Maori for sea breeze – we bring a fresh approach to marketing.

We believe in challenging questionable marketing with creative ideas, strategic thinking and common sense to deliver marketing that works. That’s why everything we do for you is underpinned by strategy and the science behind what makes your customers buy.

With a range of packages and services to fill any marketing expertise gaps that your business might have; Muritai Group can act as your outsourced marketing department, work with you on a marketing project or as your marketing coach.

We take pride in helping local companies become as strong and successful as possible.


Our Expertise
  • Marketing Strategy – with a detailed and strategic marketing plan, you will see how to reach your customer at every step of the buying process, and experience marketing that works.
  • Branding - we uncover the core purpose and values behind your business to give you a clear understanding of your brand. We connect you with your customers by uncovering, creating and communicating your unique brand story.
  • Communications – being able to effectively communicate with your customers is what separates good businesses from great ones. We help you develop your brand messaging through the right channels, so you reach the right people at the right time.
  • Digital Strategies – as experts in online marketing, we help you stand out from the pack in the increasingly busy online marketplace. We engage, inspire, inform and reach people looking online for products and services in your sector.
  • Direct Marketing and Sales – we work with you to mine your databases for gold, get new and repeat business and communicate with your markets and prospects.
  • Marketing Implementation – 90% of strategies fail due to poor implementation. We make your marketing work for you.
Our Services
  • Marketing Plans
  • Brand Strategy and Brand Essence
  • Creative Branding and Design
  • Advertising
  • Copywriting
  • Online and Email Marketing
  • Social Media Management
  • Website Development
  • Direct Marketing
  • Outsourced Marketing
  • Project Management
  • and more! 


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