Supervising & Managing Others, September 2021 - SPACES NOW LIMITED

2nd September
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Focusing on practical skills and techniques that you can put into action straight away this course is aimed at first time managers/supervisors, or established managers looking to refresh their skills and focus.

The programme offers four modules in total to allow you to develop your skills in manageable chunks.

You can attend the course in its entirety or you can choose to attend individual modules. Contact us if you wish to only attend part of the course.

You may qualify for NZTE vouchers for up to 50% off this workshop. You may also choose to include one-on-one coaching with the presenter at an additional $200+GST per hour which may also be eligible for subsidy.

We can also deliver this programme as an in-house option for larger businesses.


Module 1 - Understanding the Role - 2nd September 2021

Explore what it means to be a leader and assess your current levels of performance. Focus on team relationships and discover how to create the right environment in which others will be motivated to achieve great results

  • The 3 levels of workplaces 
  • Who does what? 
  • The 4 functions of supervisors and managers 
  • The challenges to expect 
  • Building strong relationships 
  • Creating a motivational environment

Module 2 - Time Management and Workplace Productivity - 9th September 2021

This module is all about getting things done by developing great time management skills. This will reduce your stress levels, increase your productivity and make it easier to manage your team effectively.  Good time management skills will help you to stay focused and in control and will enable you to help others who can’t see the wood for the trees at times.

  • Job and task analysis 
  • Where your time should be going 
  • Setting clear goals with a plan 
  • The principles of prioritisation 
  • The art of delegation 
  • Managing time stealers

Module 3 - Handling Conflict in the Workplace - 16th September 2021

Reducing and resolving conflict in the workplace is an essential managerial skill. Conflict is often seen as a negative, yet it can lead to great change and improvement. It is inevitable that conflict will occur and in this module we explore the different types of conflict that you will face in the workplace, discover strategies for managing conflict, and learn when to resolve it yourself and when to escalate it.

  • What is conflict? 
  • Identifying constructive and positive conflict behaviours 
  • Exploring strategies through case studies 
  • Handling a one to one conflict conversation 
  • Mediating between others 
  • The 5 conflict styles

Module 4 - Developing Others & Giving Feedback - 23rd September 2021

Developing people can be fraught with difficulty but your business achievements will be affected by the performance of those around you. Knowing how to approach the development of others is an essential skill that this module will focus on.

  • Factors affecting motivation and ability
  • Conscious Competence learning stages
  • Identifying the performance gap 
  • Assessing development needs 
  • Root cause analysis 
  • Delivering feedback in a motivational manner


  • New Managers 
  • Existing Supervisors and Managers who want to re-focus and refresh their approach
  • Supervisors or Team Leaders
  • Those who will be moving into those roles in the near future

(Minimum number of 8 attendees required) 

Victoria Barkway 
Bold Consultancy Ltd

Victoria BarkwayVictoria has over 17 years experience in people and performance development operating in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Victoria specialises in the design, delivery and evaluation of management, leadership, supervision, sales and service programmes.  

Victoria has trained in all sectors (private, government and corporate) across a broad spectrum of industries and brings an in-depth knowledge and experience offering informative, highly practical and motivational training.  Victoria works in-house with organisations around New Zealand, is totally committed to helping individuals reach their potential, and assists organisations to achieve their business objectives through the development of their people.

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