Social Media Strategy Workshop

31st July
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Tania Emmett

03 327 5731

Social Media Strategy Workshop


Learn how to create a simple and straight forward Social Media strategy for your business to ensure effective results from your activity.


You can attend this course in person, or via the internet. This is a good option if you live a long distance from Kaiapoi. Our video conferencing system is simple to use and does not require setting up any online accounts.


 Who is this for?


  • Businesses who are actively using Social Media channels with no current strategy.
  • Businesses who are wanting to start using Social Media and want strategic advice.
  • Businesses who are looking to rethink or refresh their current Social Media strategy.


What is covered in this session?


  • Understand why strategy is important for your Social Media.
  • How to structure your Social Media strategy - A step by step guide.
  • Understanding goals, audiences, KPI’s and reporting.
  • Strategic tips for Facebook.
  • Strategic tips for Instagram.
  • Strategic tips for LinkedIn.


At the end of the session you will...


  • Have a clear understanding of why a Social Media strategy is important for your business.
  • Come away with a draft Social Media strategy for your business.
  • Have specific discussion and action points for your team and management.
  • Be more confident about how to execute your Social Media activity.


About the presenter


Capture75Aleisha Duncan has over 11 years experience in the marketing industry, specialising in the digital space for the past 6 years. 

Aleisha has worked in marketing roles across a number of industries including, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, construction and tourism before starting her own business, Rebel Influence, in April 2018.

Aleisha is a passionate marketer who enjoys teaching others how to get effective results for their business through simple and efficient strategies.


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