North Canterbury Business Startup Boost Programme

3rd May
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Miles Dalton

North Canterbury Business Startup Boost Programme


This is your chance to take your idea and make it a reality.

Our Business Startup Boost Programme takes you and your business idea through two months of intensive training and coaching to help you develop a thorough and viable business plan.

Led by Craig Rust, business startup expert and top trainer at the Institute of Directors, the programme covers all aspects of starting a new business, and provides a workspace where you can talk with experts as you develop your plan.

There are 5 sessions from November to January, and in between sessions you will be working on those aspects of your plan. Where needed we will bring in outside expertise to assist you with specific issues or our business support manager will be available anytime to answer questions or give feedback.

Each training session will be approximately three hours, followed by time to work on your plan at the venue with experts available to help you as you write.



You must either be located in North Canterbury or be planning to establish your business in North Canterbury to be eligible for this programme.

There are limited spaces and entry is by application. 

This programme is funded by the Ministry of Social Development, so priority is given to Work and Income clients, but there will be spaces available for those receiving no financial assistance


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Session 1 - Goal Setting and Creating a Plan

May 3rd

In this session we will be looking at the foundational aspects of creating a business. This is the basis of every aspect of your plan and is essential for long term success.

  • Your story
  • Personal plan
  • Quick breakdown of different parts of a plan
  • Business structures
  • Legal stuff
  • Being a contractor and protecting yourself


Session 2 - Market Validation

May 10th

You might have a great product or service, but is it what people want and can you make enough money from it?

  • Identifying your target market
  • Drafting your value proposition
  • Intellectual property 
  • Competitor Analysis
  • What people will pay
  • How to ask questions and listen to the answers
  • Test, test, test


Session 3 - Money

May 24th

Money and cashflow are the life-blood of business. This session will help you to understand how to ensure your business will make money and be able to stay afloat.

  • Cashflow forecasting

  • Pricing and costing
  • Valuing your own time
  • Prioritising capital purchases
  • Tax – particularly GST and provisional tax
  • ACC
  • Insurance
  • Key financial statements
  • Raising finance


Session 4 - Marketing and Digital Enablement

May 31st

How to get your product and service out there, and how to use digital tools to promote and sell.

  • Marketing tools and reach
  • Using your vision and values
  • Marketing budgets
  • Targeting
  • Creating a website
  • Online stores


Session 5 -  Business Growth

June 14th

The last session is an opportunity for all participants to present their plan to the group, get feedback and identify any final gaps to be addressed. This is coupled with a seminar on business growth, showing you different methods for your business to evolve once you achieve your initial goals.

  • Business expansion
  • Improving products and services
  • Developing new products and services



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Your Facilitator

Craig Rust is a fully qualified Chartered Accountant and member of both the Chartered Accountants of New Zealand / Australia and the Institute of Directors (IoD).

Craig provides ongoing Director, Chair and Advisory Board services, including regularly facilitating director level training for the IoD since 2009 around the topics of Governance, Finance and Strategy.

Craig has worked as a Chartered Accountant, including in a Senior Management capacity at PricewaterhouseCoopers and received the 2005 Young Accountant of the Year Award for the Southern Region.

Executive and Directorship roles over the past 25 years in the food, data, technology, business development, education, and engineering sectors have resulted in many years of governance, strategy and organisational development experience.