Marketing Foundations

4th June
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Tania Emmett

03 327 3135

Marketing Foundations


This workshop is designed to set you up with your marketing foundation providing you with valuable insights that will inform all your marketing decisions going forward. Your business is unique with a particular target market and you will be challenged at this workshop to come away with a better understanding of your purpose.

Building your Marketing Foundation to stand out from the crowd

  • Who are you?
  • Who are your customers?
  • What is your point of difference (Competitive Advantage)?


By the end of this half-day workshop you will have a clearer picture of your business and understand how this will drive your marketing plans. You will be  better informed about where and how to promote your business with a plan of how you can stand out from the crowd.


You may qualify for NZTE vouchers for up to 50% off this workshop. Contact Guy Graham 027 733 2199 or to see if you qualify.


The Presenter


5e38d21cb20e9Carla Martin is a business advisor and accountant at BDO Christchurch.  With a strong background in marketing part of her time at BDO Christchurch is also dedicated to Digital Content creation and strategy.  Previous marketing experience includes working as the marketing co-ordinator for a family-run manufacturing business and volunteering her skills for various community organisations.  She is a brand champion, helping organisations to make sure that their marketing budget is spent where it will make a difference.

Carla has previously facilitated the marketing session in the ENC Accelerator Business Growth Series, and received 100% satisfaction from attendees. Feedback included statements such as 'life changing', 'transformational', and 'totally changed the way I approach my business'.

BDO Christchurch have structured their practice so that they have all the business skills and services available for you, as and when you need them.  While they still provide traditional audit, accounting, compliance and tax services, they are also strategic advisors, financial modellers, IT system experts, future focused problem solvers, consultants and ultimately your trusted business partners.

BDO Christchurch understands that for today, and tomorrow, it is not just about the numbers. It is about the story behind the numbers. It is about what the numbers are telling you.  Visit our website for more information. 

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