How to create great content using your phone

23rd June
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Tania Emmett

03 327 3135

How to create great content using your phone


With the overwhelming amount of marketing options available, companies struggle to build trust and engage with customers in the right way for their product or service.

Using VIDEO TESTIMONIALS is an easy and effective way to connect with potential and existing clients on a very personal level. There is no more powerful sales tool you can use than real people, to endorse your product or service for you! 

In this workshop you will learn about the capabilities your mobile device has as, an effective, informative marketing tool.

Here are some examples of video clips taken locally from a professional camera versus an iPhone.

Professional Camera


At the end of this workshop you will:

  • Have the confidence to use this technology to your advantage and measure it's success as a powerful marketing tool
  • Learn what you can tell with video and how it can work for your business
  • Know what...Tools / Apps / Gear to use
  • Live-streaming /  How to start / Tools / Tips
  • Know just where to begin to tell YOUR STORY

You may qualify for NZTE vouchers for up to 50% off this workshop. Contact Guy Graham 027 733 2199 or to see if you qualify.

 The Presenter



Ondrej (Chucky) Najman is a professional photographer and videographer

He started as a product and event photographer, moving onto video production roles as the internet evolved and creative content became a standard online tool for businesses, large or small. 

Chucky was fortunate to get a glimpse of a large Hollywood film production in his own home of Prague before moving to New Zealand, where he developed his skills as a sign-writer, before moving back to photo and video production. 

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