Health and Safety Essentials

9th May
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Tania Emmett

03 327-3135

Health and Safety Essentials


How much do you know about your responsibilities under the current health and safety legislation? Are you doing enough of the right thing to keep you and those around you safe? This workshop will outline your legal duties and coach you through what systems need to be in place to keep workers safe and your business productive. The course will provide you with practice tools for demonstrating health and safety leadership, positive communication and clear consultation with other workers and managers.


Who is this for?


This course is designed for new small business owners, sole traders, staff supervisors and managers, and for those who are planning a move into a position of responsibility in the near future.


What is covered in the session?


The session will include:

  • Responsibilities under the current legislation
  • Qualities of a good health and safety leader
  • Communication techniques and different ways of delivering health and safety related messages
  • Implementing the Plan, Do, Check, Act system
  • Managing Risks
  • Implementing safe systems of work

This is a ‘hands-on’ workshop, following a practical step by step approach, where you can create your own action list to complete in your own time, once you are ‘back in the office’. 


At the end of the session you will:


  • Have a good understanding of your role and responsibilities
  • Be confident communicating with other workers around health and safety topics
  • Know how and why to get staff involved in planning and implementing your systems
  • Be able to complete a basic review to identify where more work is needed
  • Be able to clearly observe behaviours and give feedback
  • Be able to identify critical risks and highlight these to others


The Presenter

Kate Sutcliffe – Health and Safety Specialist / Auditor

DSCF2181 4Kate, the owner of North Canterbury based  Health and Safety Coach, has been a health and safety professional for 16 years, working in the areas of consulting, auditing and enforcement. With this experience, she has seen how to do it, how not to do it, and what happens when things go wrong. She has extensive knowledge and expertise in coaching businesses from many industries and of various sizes, successfully adapting her delivery to ensure individual business needs are met.

Now as an independent Health and Safety Specialist, she helps to build confidence and capability in individuals or teams to implement health and safety systems themselves, making them part of everyday business. She is fully committed to making the world of health and safety a more simple and friendly place.



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