Frauds and Scams

23rd March
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Tania Emmett

03 327 3135

Protect Yourself From Frauds and Scams Seminar



Fraud and Scams are on the rise, do you know how to spot them and protect yourself? This session will share how we’re seeing fraud and scams impact New Zealanders, and arm you with tips and tricks to help you protect yourself.


Fraud and scams are always changing, the only constants are that anyone can be affected and the consequences can be devastating.  

While we often hear stories of complex and sophisticated attacks, the reality is that most fraud attempts can be avoided through simple changes in your behaviour. We will work through these with the help of real life examples.


Please join us to learn more on:

  • The latest fraud and scam trends
  • How to use technology safely
  • What you can do to protect yourself
  • Where to get help if you need it.


This one hour seminar (plus time for Q&A) is sponsored by ANZ so is free to attend. Frauds and Scams is presented by ANZ's legendary business training guru, Stephen Caunter.


Stephen Caunter


this oneStephen’s motto is enthusiasm, entertainment and knowledge.  Ask him what his job is and he will tell you “storyteller”.  These attributes make Stephen a highly successful facilitator of the ANZ Business Training workshops.  These workshops cover a range of business topics and are designed to help the attendees run more successful businesses.

Stephen is particularly passionate about the topics of Networking, Marketing and Customer Service.

Stephen’s career with the ANZ Bank spans over 35 years and a variety of roles.  The majority of his career has been dedicated to working with business customers and helping them with the issues they face.  Since 2006, he has travelled the South Island presenting over 900 workshops and seminars to over 8000 participants.  He is also well regarded as a conference speaker.

Outside of work Stephen is interested in all kinds of sports, a rugby referee, fly fisherman and when time permits turns his hand to restoring vintage machinery.