Emerging Leaders: Introduction to Leadership

25th July
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The Japanese say that leadership is like air: necessary for life but impossible to see and touch. As a leader, now or in the future, you have an enormous influence on the performance of others, and therefore a direct effect on the success of your organization. 

Invest in yourself and invest in key employees in your business because in the long run, good leadership will always be worth more than modern technology and new buildings. 

This Introduction to Leadership session will introduce you to key leadership theories and the ways in which you can put these theories into practice, now and in your future. 


You’ll learn about:

  • What Leaders do
  • Leading versus managing
  • When to be hands on and when to be hands off
  • Modern leadership styles
  • Finding a mentor


So you can:

  • Identify your natural leaderships style, identify your existing strengths and areas of develop further
  • Use different leadership styles to suit different situations
  • Be confident that you are leading or influencing teams and individuals in a productive and motivational manner
  • Identify strategies and support networks to develop further


Who is this course for?

  • Anyone who is thinking of moving into any form of leadership role and wishes to explore the concept of leadership, and responsibilities further
  • Anyone in an existing management or leadership role who wishes to refresh their view of leadership and explore current best practice
  • High performing team members who have opportunities to lead and influence others


Victoria Barkway
Bold Consultancy Ltd

Victoria has over 17 years experience in people and performance development operating in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand. Victoria specialises in the design, delivery and evaluation of management, leadership, supervision, sales and service programmes.  Victoria has trained in all sectors (private, government and corporate) across a broad spectrum of industries and brings an in-depth knowledge and experience offering informative, highly practical and motivational training.  Victoria works in-house with organisations around New Zealand, is totally committed to helping individuals reach their potential, and assists organisations to achieve their business objectives through the development of their people.


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