Effective Meetings

2nd May
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Tania Emmett

03 327 3135

Effective Meetings

Make your meetings rock!


Meetings bloody meetings! We all loathe those long drawn-out meetings where no one seems to have answers to our problems, they go around in circles and then seem to end them where we started. Many meetings are a huge waste of time that consume valuable hours in our week.

There is light at the end of the tunnel and meetings can be one of the most powerful tools for any organisation. Some companies have fantastic meetings that are timely, accurate and get results.

Learn how they do it in this workshop where you get to participate in a terrible meeting, then analyse and fix it. By using some simple tools you can weed out unnecessary meetings and make the remaining ones rock!

This session is aimed at business owners, managers, team leaders and anyone who runs or facilitates meetings.


About the Presenter


Chris Benn is the owner of BENCOL, a well regarded business support company specialising in Continuous Improvement and Efficiency.

Chris has nearly 20 years experience working with over 100 different organisations from multiple sectors and business functions. He coaches individuals and teams in world class business methodologies.

Chris is also a registered assessor for NZQA qualifications including Competitive Systems and Practices.




Thanks for the great workshop the other week. I really enjoyed the way it was very interactive and informative. Kelly Balloch – Development West Coast

The workshop was interactive and clearly demonstrated the skills involved and benefits to be gained from introducing Lean thinking to the workplace. Michaela Blacklock- Canterbury Development Corporation

Thanks for all your efforts last week. Enjoyable and learning - great. Peter Chipperfield – Pernod Ricard

We need to start introducing this concept as soon as possible. Nelson Druder - EnergyLight

Just makes so much sense! Martin Carson – Peerage Products


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