Customer Service - From Good to Great

12th June
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Lynley McDougall

03 327 3135

Customer Service

Aimed at managers and business owners, this course will show you how to embed a customer service ethos in your staff that will transform the frontline experience of your customers.

Going beyond expectation translates into extra sales, a great reputation, more return customers and fantastic staff morale. This training session will show you how to tailor your service to your customer and offer a version of service that is a cut above the rest.

Invest in Excellence – 4 hours that will change your business

• proactive service that increases sales and makes the most of every encounter
• motivate from within; how to find the excellence within to create your best effort
• belief that leads to excellence; what you must believe to succeed
• the energy for bespoke; how to measure and manage it
• vision, values & mission; the link between strategy & service
• needs & expectations; the kind of excellence your customers want
• how to tailor service for your individual customer to make them feel extra special
• bespoke under pressure; how to deliver excellence at all times
• communicating excellence visually, vocally and verbally in all encounters

You can attend this course in person, or via the internet. This is a good option if you live a long distance from Kaiapoi. Our video conferencing system allows you multiple views of the training room and is the next best thing to attending in person.




Marina Shearer

BSc Psychology, Coach, Consultant, Speaker, Trainer

Marina is an experienced consultant and facilitator with 25 years of experience.

 Marina’s life experience of establishing two successful businesses, balancing a family and upskilling organisations demonstrates a huge range of skills. Marina spent 15 years as a facilitator and consultant at the NZ Institute of Management, she worked for People Power and spent 5 years as the CLEAR Communications consultant/facilitator for the South Island.

Today Marina runs her own consulting and coaching organisation BTB and helps individuals and organisations to maximise their potential. Marina is co-owner of the South Islands largest Rhododendron nursery based in Waiau; when she talks about customer service she is speaking from experience. Marina walks the talk in her own business and is known for her high standards of customer service.