Brannigans Presents - Virtual Reality Health and Safety Training

10th March
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Virtual Reality Health and Safety Training


Join ENC Sponsor, Brannigans, on Wednesday March 10th for an introduction to a new training product using the best global virtual reality software. Skills VR delivers health and safety training that is more effective, more fun, and take takes less time to implement.

It’s purpose is to train and refresh people in safety compliance and the benefits are clear – faster, more fun than traditional courses, with better cut through, and very cost effective training which takes around 40 minutes, and can all be done on-site, making huge savings for the employer on productivity. 


  • Participants are able to complete their training 4x faster than in-class training scenarios without the need to be taken away from their core role to attend workshops and seminars.
  • Training can be facilitated anywhere at minimal cost, giving access to people in remote locations who would have otherwise needed to incur untimely travel and accommodation costs.
  • Users are 275% more confident in what they have learned after completing the training allowing staff to effectively adopt critical Health and Safety knowledge in their roles.
  • Participants are 4x more focused and 3.75x more emotionally connected compared to e-learning, creating the opportunity for staff to learn from their mistakes and register critical skills through practice before going on site.
  • People love it. 91% of employees preferred immersive learning scenarios over traditional e learning and in-class training resulting in improved employee satisfaction and retention rates.




Practice the Theory

The virtual environment covers equipment, risks and responsibilities for typical enclosed-work scenarios, giving learners hands-on experience to cement theory into practice. They’re able to work through the potential dangers in a safe but realistic setting, providing a highly engaging context for better learning outcomes.

Learn from Anywhere

Paired with this scenario is a SkillsVR Facilitator App, designed to bring trainers and assessors into the users environment, regardless of location. With real-time communication and the ability to record activity, facilitators can focus on learning outcomes and capture comprehensive records for a complete training experience.


Brannigans will be at the ENC Business Centre on March 10th to demonstrate this new learning tool and to answer any questions you might have.


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