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Starting a new Small Business - Free Online Course
Jan 1st - Dec 31st, 2020
Free online training for anyone exploring whether to start their own business and how to go about it.
Mar 19th - Dec 31st, 2020
ENC Sponsor Event, brought to you by Ara. Increase efficiency and streamline the way you manage your business using Xero.
Save up to 50%
Supervising & Managing Others October 2020
Oct 21st - Nov 11th, 2020
Become a fantastic manager. This course will show you how to manage and motivate your staff, as well as manage your own time and stress levels effectively.
North Canterbury Business Startup Boost Programme
Nov 2nd, 2020 - Jan 25th, 2021
This is your chance to take your idea and make it a reality. Our Business Startup Boost Programme takes you through three months of intensive training and coaching on how to start a business.
Talk with the Experts: Business Startup Clinic with Te Ōhaka
Nov 10th, 2020
30 minute business startup clinic appointments thanks to ENC sponsor, Ara and Te Ōhaka. Check in with the experts to make sure your planning is on track.
Financial Health Check
Dec 2nd, 2020
Learn the basics of how to look at your accounts and see where your dangers and opportunities are. Presented by training guru Stephen Caunter this excellent seminar will really help your business grow
Frauds and Scams
Mar 23rd, 2021
A free one hour seminar, brought to you by ANZ Bank, that will show you the current fraud and scam risks and how to protect yourself.