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Starting a new Small Business - Free Online Course
Jan 1st - Dec 31st, 2019
Free online training for anyone exploring whether to start their own business and how to go about it.
Save up to 50%
The North Canterbury Leadership Series 2019
Aug 14th - Oct 23rd, 2019
Lead your business to new heights by engaging your team and providing direction and momentum towards achieving your business goals.
Save up to 50%
Supervising & Managing Others October 2019
Oct 10th - 31st, 2019
Become a fantastic manager. This course will show you how to manage and motivate your staff, as well as manage your own time and stress levels effectively.
Save up to 50%
Attend in person or online
Instagram for Business
Oct 16th, 2019
For those who use Instagram to promote their business. Learn how to use, measure and target your Instagram more successfully.