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Starting a new Small Business - Free Online Course
Jan 1st - Dec 31st, 2021
Free online training for anyone exploring whether to start their own business and how to go about it.
North Canterbury Business Startup Boost Programme
May 10th - Jun 14th, 2021
This is your chance to take your idea and make it a reality. Our Business Startup Boost Programme takes you through two months of intensive training and coaching on how to start a business.
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Talk with the Experts - Essential HR
Jun 17th, 2021
This is a no-obligation, no fee 30- minute meeting that will give you an opportunity to get the guidance you need around your HR concerns.
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Talk with the Experts - North Canterbury Business Services
Jul 6th, 2021
Another invaluable opportunity to get some free no obligation advice. In this session NCBIZ can answer your questions around Business Navigation, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax support and MORE...
Save up to 50%
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Social Media Strategy Workshop
Jul 28th, 2021
Learn how to create a simple and straight forward Social Media strategy for your business to ensure effective results from your activity.
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The North Canterbury Leadership Series 2021
Aug 2nd - Oct 12th, 2021
Lead your business to new heights by engaging your team and providing direction and momentum towards achieving your business goals.
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Talk with the Experts - PIC Insurance
Aug 10th, 2021
Take this opportunity to get some free, no-obligation expertise on business insurance. Everything you need to know to make sure you are paying the right amount and getting the right coverage.
Save up to 50%
Supervising & Managing Others, September 2021
Sep 2nd - 23rd, 2021
Become a fantastic manager. This course will show you how to manage and motivate your staff, as well as manage your own time and stress levels effectively.
2021 North Canterbury Business Awards
Sep 24th, 2021
It's time to celebrate the amazing businesses in North Canterbury. Join us for the biggest business event of the year, and the first event at the new Mainpower Stadium
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Talk with the Experts - Real Communications
Oct 6th, 2021
Free, no obligation advice on how communications and marketing can help grow your business.
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Social Media Advertising for Business - A lesson in Facebook Ads Manager
Oct 19th, 2021
This workshop is designed to help take businesses to the next level of Social Media Marketing through Facebook and Instagram paid advertising strategies and execution