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Starting a new Small Business - Free Online Course
Jan 1st - Dec 31st, 2019
Free online training for anyone exploring whether to start their own business and how to go about it.
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Instagram for Business
Jun 18th, 2019
For those who use Instagram to promote their business. Learn how to use, measure and target your Instagram more successfully.
SRB Business Seminar
Jun 19th, 2019
Come along to hear our Business Service Partner, Saunders Robinson Brown, answer your Commercial and Business Law related questions.
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Talk with the Experts - Money. Maximise and Simplify
Jul 11th, 2019
Talk with the Experts is a free ongoing series where you ask your burning questions and we match you with experts who can help. This month: Money - Maximise and Simplify
Conflict in the Workplace
Jul 16th, 2019
A great leader can turn a conflict situation into an opportunity for change. Learn the tactics for achieving this goal and improve the situation for yourself, your staff and your business.
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Emerging Leaders: Introduction to Leadership
Jul 25th, 2019
Good leadership is worth more than modern tech and new gear. Invest in yourself and your key employees to learn key practices for good leadership.
Performance Management
Jul 30th, 2019
Managing performance requires us to strike a balance between compassion and accountability. Learn how to assess situations, adapt your response and manage poor performance.
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Social Media Strategy Workshop
Jul 31st, 2019
Learn how to create a simple and straight forward Social Media strategy for your business to ensure effective results from your activity.
How to Develop a Growth Strategy
Aug 7th, 2019
How to develop a sustainable growth strategy without sacrificing your work/life balance. Not just the ‘why to’, but also a focus on the ‘how to’ apply these concepts to your business.
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The North Canterbury Leadership Series 2019
Aug 14th - Oct 23rd, 2019
Lead your business to new heights by engaging your team and providing direction and momentum towards achieving your business goals.
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Accelerator Business Growth Series
Aug 20th - Oct 14th, 2019
Enhance every area of your business, operate more productively and develop a strategy for successful and rapid growth. Facilitated by BDO experts, this is our premiere course for business growth.
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Advanced Facebook for Business
Sep 3rd, 2019
For those who use Facebook to promote their business. Learn how to take your Facebook content and execution to the next level.