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Coffee with Carole on Friday
Carole is happy to have a ½ hour coffee and chat (or Zoom) with North Canterbury employers to give support, advice and generally look at how she can help with your people issues/challenges and opportu...
Starting a new Small Business - Free Online Course
Jan 1st, 2021 - Dec 31st, 2022
Free online training for anyone exploring whether to start their own business and how to go about it.
Tools for the Times - North Canterbury Peer Support Initiative
Apr 7th, 2022 - Apr 7th, 2023
A selection of North Canterbury’s highly experienced business operators have offered to share their time, expertise and knowledge with other local business owners that may need a bit of a chat.
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Talk with the Experts - Muritai Group
Jul 27th, 2022
Free, no-obligation expertise on putting together an effective marketing strategy that grows your business.
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Talk with the Experts - North Canterbury Business Services
Aug 11th, 2022
Another invaluable opportunity to get some free no obligation advice. In this session NCBIZ can answer your questions around Business Navigation, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax support and MORE...
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Supervising & Managing Others Series 2022
Aug 30th - Sep 20th, 2022
Become a fantastic manager. This course will show you how to manage and motivate your staff, as well as manage your own time and stress levels effectively.
Breakfast Briefing with Success Factor - iMA / Identifying Your Communication Style
Sep 8th, 2022
Debs Taylor-Hayhurst from Success Factor Consultancy & Coaching Ltd will be presenting a ‘life-changing’ business breakfast session on how to identify your communication style and use it to your advan...