Research First

What would you like to know about your customers, your staff or your community? We can help you better understand the role your business plays in their lives and identify opportunities for the future.

Research First is a full service market research and commercial insights agency, serving the North Canterbury business community since 2006. We have extensive experience working with customer-centric organisations on brand awareness, customer satisfaction and service optimisation projects. Furthermore, we are a respected provider of social policy research and evaluation services to local and central Government departments.

Our highly skilled research team now numbers over 50 researchers and interviewers, offering a complete spectrum of quantitative and qualitative methods, data analysis techniques and technology solutions. Our specialisations include:

  • Brand positioning and perception
  • Customer decision-making mapping
  • Retail and service experience measurement
  • Competitive analysis, strategic advisory and growth planning

We are available for immediate consultation on any of your business needs. We also invite you to visit our website and subscribe to our popular monthly newsletter -


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