North Canterbury Business Services

Our Mission: North Canterbury is a modern and competitive business hub challenging Christchurch as the centre of the South Island North Canterbury is moving from an annex of Christchurch to an economic base in its own right. Fewer and fewer people are choosing to cross the Waimakiriri Bridge to find employment or seek support services for their local businesses.

Our region is growing faster than any other area within New Zealand, with a prevalence of Small/Medium Enterprises (SME’s) forming the backbone and future for our local prosperity.

Growing so fast has its own set of opportunities and challenges in equal measure. SME’s often lack in-house expertise beyond their specific business knowledge.

North Canterbury Business Services Ltd is aimed at providing the local help and support you need to succeed; letting you focus on what you do best, supporting your customers with products and services that are your expertise.


ENC interviews Matt James from North Canterbury Business Services about starting a new business.




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