Muritai Group

Marketing doing your head in? We can help!

Muritai Group is a strategic marketing agency based in Christchurch. Inspired by the word ‘Muritai’ – Māori for sea breeze – we bring a fresh approach to marketing. We focus on achieving measurable results so you can be confident about what’s working for your business.

We believe that all good marketing starts with an engaging brand and a creative marketing strategy. These provide direction for other areas of marketing such as strategic marketing plans, digital strategies, social media, and advertising.

Our process:

We’ll sit down with you to help clarify your ideal clients, your business goals and your brand. Having a good understanding of your brand enables you to connect and engage with your customers in a positive and consistent manner.

We’ll help you identify your marketing goals, and assess your current marketing. From there we’ll work with you to create a clear individualised plan that suits your needs.

This could include:

-          Creating a strategic marketing plan

-          Developing your brand strategy and story

-          Strategic coaching

-          Creating digital strategies to help reach your clients online

-          Social media training

-          Social media management

-          Developing client communications

-          Preparing your business for e-Commerce

-          And more…


As a marketing plan is only as good as its implementation, we’ll support you to get tangible results through one-on-one coaching, management of specific projects, or acting as your outsourced marketing department.

Let us help your business thrive through the science of marketing!



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