MainPower - Corporate Sponsor

MainPower New Zealand Limited is a community-owned electricity distributor responsible for delivering and maintaining a safe, secure and reliable power supply to a population of more than 65,000 people in the North Canterbury and Kaikoura region. Our network of 4,932 kilometres of overhead lines and underground cables delivers electricity to our regions homes, businesses, schools and communities.

Community ownership of MainPower entitles customers and the local communities to a share of profit. Qualifying customers receive a rebate or pay back which is credited on your monthly electricity bill. MainPower also provides profit distribution in the form of funding for community initiatives, which is administered through our community support sponsorship programme.

As an essential service provider and community-owned company, MainPower is committed to supporting the communities of North Canterbury and Kaikoura. Our ongoing partnership with Enterprise North Canterbury is evidence of this commitment and our determination to take a leadership role in the region by supporting the growth and diversity of the local economy. North Canterbury has demonstrated resilience in the face of significant regional and global challenges. The ongoing regeneration of Christchurch is a window of opportunity for our region to grow business and investment, to deliver an even more productive North Canterbury. We want to make North Canterbury a great place in which to do business. That is the foundation of our partnership with Enterprise North Canterbury, who continue to work alongside businesses and people to develop an innovative and prosperous region. The establishment of a dedicated Business Centre in Kaiapoi is a sign of renewed confidence in the region and enhances North Canterbury's capacity to support long-term economic growth. - Bruce Emson, Chief Executive of MainPower.

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