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A resident of Rangiora for many years, and a proficient, versatile leader within the SME sector, Peter has more than 20 years’ business experience, beginning in accountancy practice and diversifying into the travel sector, business advice, family trusts, property renovation trading and development, import, export, food, transport, taxis and even mental health.  Servicing clients over the past few years from sectors as varied as I.T., manufacturing, engineering, auto-mechanical, building-related, import and export, and health, approx. 50% of his client base is in North Canterbury, with the balance in Christchurch.  He says, “I have some fantastic clients.  I love to work with entrepreneurs and business owners who want that extra edge, turning ‘good’ into ‘awesome’!”.

His diverse skill-base combines with an acute, analytical business mind and excellent communication skills.  His expertise, candour and no-nonsense, easy-to-work-with personality allow business owners to increase their entrepreneurial flair (not just ‘doing the business’ but ‘making it hum’).  As a Business Consultant / Business Success Partner, Peter is therefore an invaluable ally; and a business owner’s reward for partnering with him – namely growing more profitable, more time-efficient, self-sustaining businesses – is like almost nothing else!

Recognising that you are the ‘technical’ expert in your field, Peter’s role is to add business growth expertise to your industry-specific skills, offering rigorous support all the way, as you take your business to whatever next level is important for you.  “Willing to engage hands-on, I have helped a number of organisations grow during my career, delivering tangible, profitable results and helping to improve the quality of life of business owners and managers.”

Peter offers up to three hours of free consulting to potential new clients.  His key points of difference are:-

  • Aiming to be self-funding withinas short a time as possible (often in three months), so as to be a ‘profit generator’ not than a ‘cost centre’ to your business).
  • Willing to worklong-term with business owners (five years plus), to ensure that his expertise is passed on as completely as possible, and results do happen.  He backs himself to perform.
  • Working with a maximum of 10-12 clients at any one time, he’s not spread too thinly.  Each client therefore gets quality time and input.

Peter is a qualified member of the CAANZ (Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand), a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants, and an Associate Fellow of the New Zealand Institute of Management Southern.

He is married with five adult children and three grandchildren; and is a keen tramper and overseas traveller, with a passion for good food and wine!  An avid reader, lover of quality theatre and movies, and a tramper and traveller, Peter has also dabbled at song-writing and has served on the boards of the Life Education Trust (Christchurch) and of the Rangiora Lions and Tramping Clubs.  He is an active member of the Rangiora Baptist Church, and is a trustee of a private investment trust.  He was born a Brit, in East Africa, spending his childhood and teens in Kenya, Hong Kong, Bangladesh, the USA, and the UK.  He became a Kiwi citizen in 1998 – a decision he has never regretted!

Here's Peter's advice on starting a new small business:

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