Oxford is a beautiful country town on the Inland Scenic Route with a strong community, rural lifestyle and easy access to the beauty of the alpine environment. Unlike many small rural towns, Oxford is a growing community and provides a great opportunity for those who want to establish a business in a pleasant location where there is plenty of available land.

Oxford provides potential for the tourism industry with a wealth of natural scenery nearby, a fully equipped observatory and easy access to tourism through the Inland Scenic Route. Oxford is also exploring becoming part of a night skies network throughout the South Island, catering to a worldwide stargazing community.

With historic and projected growth, a base of existing businesses, a scenic location relatively close to Christchurch, availability of business land and a proven visitor appeal, Oxford presents opportunities for investors, developers and new businesses.

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Oxford Promotions Action Committee

OPAC LogoThe Oxford Promotions Action Committee is a volunteer group and has a real passion to promote Oxford as a place to live, work and  relax. They are very proactive in promoting and celebrating the beauty, attractions and services of the Oxford area.

Oxford is adoringly known as 'The Best Little Town in New Zealand' and you will find many annual events worth attending, including the Great Oxford Garage Sale Trail, Oxford Spring Cruise and the Oxford Big Night Out. 

Contact Oxford Promotions Action Committee: admin@oxfordnewzealand.co.nz


This page is a brief overview of the business demographics and data for Oxford. Last updated in August 2020. If you require more in-depth or recent information please contact our Business Support Manager, Miles Dalton.