Surveys are completed every six months and are completed online, by phone, or when the need arises, ENC staff will come and do face-to-face interviews with businesses. They are then collated and the following updates are provided.

The Latest Survey

The latest survey took place in October 2019. The results show that North Canterbury businesses are positive about the future, despite being nervous about the New Zealand business sector as a whole. Sales and profitability are generally flat, but optimism in both is high for the coming six months. Government policies (namely minimum wage increases and immigration law changes) are proving a barrier to local businesses, and finding skilled staff remains problematic. However, businesses continue to take on new staff, with 8% having increased their staff numbers in the past six months and 18% expecting to do so in the near future. 

Key points from the latest survey: 

View the full survey here: Business Opinion Survey October 2019 >>

Archived Past Surveys

If you have any questions about these surveys, please contact Miles Dalton for more information.