Surveys are completed every six months and are completed online, by phone, or when the need arises, ENC staff will come and do face-to-face interviews with businesses. They are then collated and the following updates are provided.

The Latest Survey

The latest survey took place in May 2020 during Alert Level 2 of the Covid-19 pandemic. The results show that North Canterbury businesses have suffered a sharp and significant impact from Covid-19, along with most of the country. Business confidence among respondents has decreased (net -59%) but this forecast is higher than the confidence rate across New Zealand as a whole which is net -67%. Income and profitability were both down significantly in North Canterbury, which is unsurprising on the back of the Covid-19 Alert Level 4 lockdown and Alert Level 3 restrictions. On the plus side, it has become markedly easier to source new unskilled and semi-skilled staff and slightly easier to source skilled staff than it was six months ago. 

Key points from the latest survey: 

View the full survey here: Business Opinion Survey May 2020 >>

Archived Past Surveys

If you have any questions about these surveys, please contact Miles Dalton for more information.