Surveys are completed every six months and are completed online, by phone, or when the need arises, ENC staff will come and do face-to-face interviews with businesses. They are then collated independently from ENC and the following updates are provided.


The Latest Survey

The latest survey took place in October 2018. The results show that business confidence is the lowest it has been since surveys began in 2013. Despite this, respondents reported an increase in sales and output, have employed more staff and say they intend to increase their investments in the region. Staffing remained a difficult issue, but interestingly, respondents reported that they found it harder to find semi-skilled staff than highly skilled staff (traditionally the hardest type of staff to find). Other key points from the latest survey include: 

View the full survey here: Business Opinion Survey April 2018 >>

Archived Past Surveys

If you have any questions about these surveys, please contact Miles Dalton for more information.