The Beauty of Business in Oxford

Stephanie Evans Oasis BeautyFrom the picturesque rural town of Oxford, Oasis Beauty formulates and manufactures healthy sunscreen and sensitive skin repair products for the harsh UV conditions we experience here in New Zealand. 

Around seventeen years ago founder Stephanie Evans started making natural skincare products for her own use. And pretty soon family and friends started to ask if she could make some for them. Things grew from there and she started to sell at home parties and school fundraisers. She also started “knocking on doors of shops and dealt with lots of rejection”, this is, after all, a highly competitive industry.

But Stephanie persevered and about six years ago the business started to seriously take off. Today Oasis Beauty has a product range of 20 items. They sell directly via their website and through retailers up and down the country. Orders are shipped out daily from their Oxford premises and head all over the world. They sell thousands of units of sunscreen a month. Stephanie’s kitchen table could no longer keep up and she now outsources her manufacturing to Christchurch.

With the business growing and selling around New Zealand and overseas, Stephanie now spends a lot of time travelling. But, originally from Auckland, she remains fully committed to Oxford and its attractions.

“My commute is five minutes, there’s not a traffic light in sight, there are cafes and shops, a wine bar in walking distance,” says Stephanie. In addition, this rural location allows Stephanie the space and time to pursue her animal welfare projects and nearby Oasis Cottage is a haven for rescued creatures large and small.

Oasis Beauty North Canterbury News Peoples Choice AwardThese are just some of the positives of being based in Oxford. The business has had no issues recruiting staff to work locally; products are shipped out by courier every day and easy access to Christchurch International Airport makes both shipping and business travel easy and convenient.

“There is nothing that hinders our business here. We have a happy workforce and a relaxed lifestyle that we simply wouldn’t have in Auckland. The essence of Oasis Beauty is about Oxford.”

Oasis Beauty is located at 4 Rata Street, Oxford. For more information visit

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