Well documented business processes and robust systems are essential for the ongoing success of your business.

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Business Processes & Systems

The establishment and constant review of good systems and processes is essential for the operation and growth of a business and for keeping your stress levels under control. Systems and processes are the building blocks of your business.

Essentially, a business without good systems and processes is a business in chaos, always losing important information, providing bad or untimely customer service and even forgetting to invoice for work done.

Good work processes backed up by excellent systems make your business a well oiled machine where everybody knows exactly what needs to be done, by whom and when.

It can be difficult setting up good processes and systems as it takes both time and money, but wise choices at the different stages of growth can keep your business on a good trajectory and give you the time to concentrate on the parts of your business that actually make money.

Free Resources

Free Online or Downloadable Tools

*Disclaimer – all of the above systems may or may not be suitable for your business. We recommend researching the benefits and many types of system – including those that cost.

Recommended Local Services 

If you are looking for local services for establishing systems and processes we encourage you to view our list of Business Service Partners. These are businesses that have partnered with Enterprise North Canterbury and offer specific marketing and sales services for businesses in North Canterbury.


Spark Logo White 2021  

Spark Business Hub Christchurch

Spark Business Hub Christchurch are a local service with one aim: to find the right communication tools for your business. 

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NCBS logo 2020  

North Canterbury Business Services

North Canterbury Business Services Ltd is aimed at providing the local help and support you need to succeed; letting you focus on what you do best, supporting your customers with products and services that are your expertise.

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Brannigans Logo  


Managing your people processes can be a minefield. We know the best software and can help implement appropriate systems and process that is right for your business, not somebody else's.

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 NPower square logo2  

NPower Business Solutions

Since 2014, we’ve been helping New Zealand businesses and organisations plan for emergency situations so they expect the unexpected, and survive no matter what lies ahead. 

We’ve created Business Management Programmes for businesses small and large. Whether you have two staff or two thousand, if you have a plan in place, you know where to turn in an emergency.  

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DeeGeeDee square logo  


Websites and Digital Marketing that gets results. DeeGeeDee CEO and founder, Dean Davis is one of the leading digital marketing consultants in New Zealand. If you’re serious about improving your website’s conversion rate, traffic and online presence, then DeeGeeDee could be the right match for you. 

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EBI business improvement specialists dark blue BG  

EBI Business Improvement Specialists

You know what you do. No doubt you are an expert in your chosen field. But running a business can be tricky. Can you honestly say you have all the right support in all of the right places? Sometimes we all need a bit of additional help. EBI’s fundamental principal is centred around Evidence Based Improvement for businesses. What sets us apart? A proven approach to business improvement that gets results.

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 Essential HR square logo  

Essential HR

We’re here to help you, your business, and your employees, succeed in today’s complex employment environment.

We provide quality strategic HR advice, procedures, documentation, legal compliance and the like. The result - your employees feel cared for, and we save you time, stress and money.

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To find out about becoming a Business Service Partner please view our Business Services Partners page or contact Miles Dalton.

Other Local Services

If you offer a North Canterbury based service focusing on establishing systems and processes and would like to be considered for the above list, please contact us.