How do you get customers to know you exist? Once they do, how can you get them to spend with you? Marketing and Sales are essential aspects of your business and without a strategy in place you will make less money than you could. With a robust marketing and sales strategy, backed by solid systems and customer service, you will maximise your income and build a great reputation. 

Browse this page to find our tips, resources, services and training options for marketing your business. 

Marketing and Sales - The Basics

Sales florist customer serviceMarketing is about knowing what your target market wants and needs, knowing how you can connect with them and knowing how you can be their first choice. It's not easy. There are dozens of common marketing methods and many of them are expensive. Some will work for your business and some won't. Marketing can be a bottomless money pit and measuring the results of your marketing efforts is important so that you know what is working and what isn't.

But even once you've mastered your marketing strategy and have gained someone's express interest in your product or service, there's more work to be done. This is where you transition into the 'Sales' phase. You need to let your prospective customer understand the value of what you offer and convince them to spend their money. This is likely to be a more personalised process - answering questions, sending estimates, offering deals and formalising contracts.

Once you have a spending customer, it is up to you to keep your connection live or risk losing them. The key is to engage your customer – make them a fan of your business. An engaged customer will come back, will talk to others about your business and will feed back to you. For most businesses it is easier to attract customers back than to attract new customers.

Done well, your marketing will attract more interest, your sales process will maximise the conversion rate of potential customers to actual customers, and the results of your marketing and sales costs will be obvious.

Free Marketing Resources

If you know of other free marketing resources that would be useful to North Canterbury businesses please send us the link for our consideration. 

Free Sales Resources

If you know of other free sales resources that would be useful to North Canterbury businesses please send us the link for our consideration. 


Video Resources


Dean Percy from The Mark talks about branding and marketing


Local Marketing and Sales Services

If you are looking for local business marketing services we encourage you to view our list of Business Service Partners. These are businesses that have partnered with Enterprise North Canterbury and offer specific marketing and sales services for businesses in North Canterbury. 


The Mark LOGO  

The Mark

We specialise in visual communication in all of its forms and offer tailored creative services that will effectively communicate your message, develop your brand, get you noticed and give your business momentum.

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 Spark Logo White 2021




Spark Business Hub Christchurch 

Spark Business Hub Christcurch are a local service with one aim: to find the right communication tools for your business. You'll deal with one person for all of your needs. And get great advice to make sure you have the right mix of phone, mobile and internet. 

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 Real Communications Logo supplied  

Real Communications

Real Communications is a public relations consultancy based in North Canterbury which specialises in strategic communications focused on businesses and organisations taking positive action to improve the world around them.

We work with a wide range of clients to create insightful communications strategies and then deliver high quality content (articles, videos, photos) to connect with their target audience. 

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 Muritai Logo white bg




Muritai Group

To grow a business, your marketing needs to work harder than ever before. You need the right combination of smart strategy, deep understanding of your end buyer and a brand story that opens all the right doors.  Muritai Group is a marketing, branding and communications agency based in Christchurch. Inspired by the word ‘Muritai’ – Maori for sea breeze – we bring a fresh approach to marketing.

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NPower square logo3  

NPower Business Solutions

Since 2014, we’ve been helping New Zealand businesses and organisations plan for emergency situations so they expect the unexpected, and survive no matter what lies ahead. Our work enables organisations to resume operations after any situation that could disrupt service delivery. In this business, we live our values of integrity, honesty, professionalism, efficiency and innovation. It’s who we are, and it’s what we do.

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DeeGeeDee square logo  


Websites and Digital Marketing that gets results. DeeGeeDee CEO and founder, Dean Davis is one of the leading digital marketing consultants in New Zealand. If you’re serious about improving your website’s conversion rate, traffic and online presence, then DeeGeeDee could be the right match for you. 

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EBI business improvement specialists dark blue BG  

EBI Business Improvement Specialists

You know what you do. No doubt you are an expert in your chosen field. But running a business can be tricky. Can you honestly say you have all the right support in all of the right places? Sometimes we all need a bit of additional help. EBI’s fundamental principal is centred around Evidence Based Improvement for businesses. What sets us apart? A proven approach to business improvement that gets results.

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Visit Waimakariri - Tourism Marketing

Visit Waimakariri is the regional tourism organisation for the Waimakariri district. They have a wealth of services, contacts and experience for any tourism based business, or for any event organiser wanting to set up visitor or local Waimakariri events.

Marketing and Sales Training

Enterprise North Canterbury provides a wide range of marketing and sales training and also has connections with other local and national training providers as well as one-on-one business coaches.

Your business may also be eligible for subsidy vouchers through New Zealand Trade and Enterprise which may reduce the cost of training or coaching by up to 50%. Our NZTE vouchers page outlines the criteria, and our Business Support Manager can assess how much assistance you are eligible for.




Other Local Marketing and Sales Services

If you offer a North Canterbury based marketing service and would like to be considered for the above list, please contact us.