Sponsoring ENC networking functions is a fantastic way to grow your profile in North Canterbury, to show your expertise in a subject area, and to make connections with a wide range of local businesses.

We work with you to set a subject theme for the evening, find an appropriate venue and to make sure your needs are met as sponsor.

What do you get?

Essentially we manage everything except the presentation which you provide. We also require a logo, a brief about your speaker and a photo of your speaker. We do encourage you to promote the event to your own database, but our advertising is extensive. Usually an event lasts for about 2 hours, including plenty of time for networking.

What does it cost?

ENC charges $600+GST to manage and organise the event.

For an evening event, you pay for all additional costs associated with the event such as catering, venue, equipment hire etc. Generally this takes the total cost of an evening event to approximately $2,600+GST.

We do not charge attendees. We usually attract 80-120 attendees to evening events.

For a breakfast event, we usually expect an attendee to pay for their own breakfast (although you might choose to subsidise that cost). You pay for all additional costs as above which generally takes the total cost of a breakfast event to approximately $800+GST. We usually attract 30-40 attendees to breakfast events as breakfast events are aimed at a more specific audience and are often more technical in nature.

For more information please email Miles Dalton or ring 03 327 5732