Enterprise North Canterbury and sponsor businesses bring you North Canterbury Business Network Functions throughout the North Canterbury region. These functions have been a regular highlight on the business calendar for several years.

At our evening functions between 80 and 120 people come together to share a relaxed wind-down after work and listen to guest speakers who present thought-provoking commentary on current events. Drinks and nibbles are provided and attendees always find that they make a number of good contacts with other business people or service providers.

There is no cost to attend these functions.

At our breakfast events 30-40 people attend to learn specialist information about specific topics of interest while enjoying a breakfast. There is usually a cost to attend breakfast events (to cover the cost of the breakfast), but the connections and information you gain are invaluable.

ENC staff are always available to explain the full range of services that ENC offers.

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Recent ENC Functions


Post-Lockdown Business Networking Event at Lacebark Function Centre - June 2020


On June 25th, ENC welcomed 90 people from our local business community to the first major get together since the Covid-19 lockdown. It was a great evening in the beautiful setting of Lacebark Function Centre and everyone was obviously happy to talk to people face to face again.

Thanks to our speakers who provided valuable food for thought, looking at recent events and giving advice on how to cope with the new business environment:

View the evening's presentation here >>

It was a fantastic evening, noted by many as being one of the best networking events they have been to. Thank you to our host venue, Lacebark

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Meridian Energy at the Port & Eagle Brewpub - November 2019


Port and Eagle2

On November 21st on a beautiful sunny evening, Meridian Energy hosted our final networking event for the year overlooking the river and the newly launched River Queen at the Port and Eagle Brewpub in Kaiapoi.

The venue was full, with 110 attendees networking, catching up and finding new business connections.

Neville Atkinson started the evening with an update on the proposed WHoW Aquasports park. This was followed by a short talk from Dave Gaughan who told us about his journey in establishing the Port and Eagle.

Then we heard from Scott Koutol,the National Business Development Manager at Meridian Energy, who discussed the future of electricity from a business perspective. Heather Warwick, ENC CEO finished off the formal part of the evening with a wrap-up of ENC activities and then we all enjoyed beers and wines in the sun while forging new connections.

Thanks to Meridian Energy for sponsoring the event and to the Port and Eagle Brewpub for hosting us.

If you would like to discuss networking event sponsorship or hosting opportunities in 2020 please contact Miles Dalton

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Corcoran French Lawyers - July 2019


Capture98On July 24th, Corcoran French hosted a fantastic networking event at Waipara Hills Winery. The ambiance was amazing as Mark Henderson from Corcoran French presented a Barbie themed explanation of recent changes to employment law.

This was followed by one of our popular speed networking sessions and the evening ended with our 90 attendees participating in 'free-range' networking. A lot of fun was had and a lot of good business connections were made.  

Thanks to Corcoran French for making such an enjoyable networking session possible.

Click Here to download a copy of the powerpoint presentation from the evening.




Rangiora RSA and Club - March 2019


On March 13, 87 people joined us at the Rangiora RSA and Club. Ross Ditmer from the Rangiora RSA and Club committee ran attendees through the recent history of the club and the amazing refurbishments that have been made. This is now an incredible venue that is available to the whole community.

This was followed by some very active business networking where people walked away clutching handfuls of useful business contacts.

Thanks to the Rangiora RSA and Club for making this event possible.




Misco Joinery - December 2018



On December 5th, 102 people joined us at Misco Joinery for a guided tour of their state of the art factory, a fantastic talk from the owner, Mike Chernishoff, and an update of what is coming up for the business community in 2019. This was bookended by drinks, nibbles and networking opportunities. This event was so popular that it was hard to push everyone out the door at the end of the evening.

Thanks to Misco for sponsoring this event and making it one to remember.



 Waimakariri District Council - July 2018


Picture1On July 26th, 92 attendees joined us at Rossburn Receptions in Rangiora for an enlightening discussion about the future of Waimakariri. Simon Markham and Simon Hart from the Waimakariri District Council revealed the plans for the district and specifically went over new plans for the use of the regeneration zone in Kaiapoi. This was followed by mulled wine, food and good networking between businesses


Thanks to the Waimakariri District Council for an excellent presentation and discussion, and thanks to all attendees.



North Canterbury Business Awards Launch, May 2018


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On May 2nd, we celebrated the launch of the 2018 North Canterbury Business Awards at Kingsford Kitchen in Rangiora.

112 attendees sipped wine and nibbled on food while our Business Support Manager, Miles Dalton, explained all aspects of the awards, how to enter and why businesses should enter. All the award sponsors discussed the categories they are sponsoring and this was followed by conversation and networking among the businesses attending.

Thanks to all our attendees and to our 2018 Business Awards sponsors:

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Other Networking Opportunities

There are a number of business networking groups in North Canterbury. All of these have different objectives and it is well worth looking at which ones may meet your needs:

If you know of other ongoing opportunities to network with businesses please contact ENC  and let us know.