Publish date: 01/06/2017


Whilst shops and cafes are easy to spot at ground level in Rangiora, there is also plenty going on above the street as new businesses move into upstairs premises.

Above FOD cafe, shared office space has quickly filled up with plenty of small businesses and professionals opting for individual offices on a turnkey basis.  Whilst a single 100-sq metre space on the corner has been leased by three individual business owners – bringing together property management, mortgage broking and accountancy under the umbrella of Connect North Canterbury. 

Meanwhile above Niche Gifts on Conway Lane, new hair salon Chrome opened earlier this month in their dedicated 100sq metre space.  Owner Jo Wolff, lives in Cashmere but having worked previously in Rangiora she wanted to set up her business here and is finding no problems with the reverse commute. 

On High Street, space above the post office is set to be occupied by Lumino Dentists.  They report they will be opening in August of this year.

At the lower end of High Street new office space above Stirling Sports will see Advert Media, a Kaikoura based business, opening a second branch next month.