Publish date: 31/08/2018

ENC Sponsor BDO recently hosted an event on how to thrive during periods of business disruption. BDO were kind enough to share some of the insight gained at this popular event.

“Not Just Surviving but Thriving” During Periods of Disruption

When was the last time you paused and took time to think about your organisation and what it might look like 30 years from now? A group of 80 business leaders who met recently at an event hosted by BDO Christchurch were challenged to do exactly that by innovation expert Professor Ian Williamson from Victoria University of Wellington. 

Professor Williamson, who is the Vice-Chancellor and Dean of Commerce at Victoria University, spent the day in Christchurch meeting with local business people, including a breakfast presentation with the Institute of Directors. His thought-provoking and inspiring presentation challenged leaders to consider their role in driving the performance of their organisation during periods of disruption.

“This is all about relevance,” says Williamson, who went on to explain that disruptions are shifts in your external environment that render your organisation ineffective or irrelevant. He stressed the point that this is not about competency, but that it is about your organisation’s relevance. 

Examples of disruptions that your organisation may face include changes in technology, customer preferences, demographics or regulations, actions taken by your competitors or social issues that exist in the community. These disruptions do not need to be considered “bad” but they do create a new set of rules and require a new way of doing things. If your organisation has an awareness of the disruption, the capability to innovate and a culture that can support transformational change then your organisation will be well placed to turn these disruptions into opportunities. 

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