Publish date: 05/06/2018

North Canterbury business owners are predicting a stable period in the next six months, according to the latest North Canterbury Business Opinion Survey.

The April survey, released on May 21 by Enterprise North Canterbury and Research First, shows that 57% of respondents predict no change in the business situation locally and nationally within the coming six months.

The majority of respondents (64%) also anticipated stability in their staffing levels, and nearly half (48%) expect more sales and profitability during that time.

Local business operator Misco Joinery, which opened in Kaiapoi last year, is cautiously optimistic about an increase in sales in the coming half-year.

“My feeling is that sales may increase slightly but not dramatically in this time,” said Penny Abell, Accounts and Marketing Manager at Misco Joinery. “There has definitely been a slow down in the Christchurch market, but we always knew this was going to happen and it will remain steady now for the next three to six months at least.

“This year will be a steady year for Misco Joinery,” she said.

Enterprise North Canterbury Business Support Manager Miles Dalton says the survey results are optimistic.

“The anticipation of more sales and profitability from nearly half of businesses is very positive. We have to remember that we have a relatively new government at the helm, which can make business owners feel uncertain even when they are seeing good results. Overall, the business outlook here in North Canterbury is in line with that of the country as a whole.”

The survey also showed that the majority of respondents intended for their investment levels into buildings to stay the same in the half-year to October, while 38% indicated an increased investment into plant and machinery in the next six months.

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