Publish date: 18/07/2019

A recent meeting held by the Kaiapoi Promotion Association (KPA) has shown significant public interest in cementing a brand for the growing town.

The Kaiapoi Brand breakfast event in late June was well-attended with representatives from local community groups, property developers, local business operators and council members. A representative from the District Tourism Organisation Visit Waimakariri was also in attendance.

KPA Business Manager Martyn Cook said this event was solely focused on receiving feedback from the public.

“We believe Kaiapoi needs to have this conversation around branding, but we were trying to find out from as many influencers in the Kaiapoi area what they think, and whether the idea of a Kaiapoi brand is something we should pick up and start working on. The overwhelming response was ‘yes’.”

Following the meeting and feedback from attendees, KPA plans to implement the first annual ‘How Proud…’ survey, aimed at garnering feedback on Kaiapoi from a wide section of the local population.

“This is a very simple, four question survey which we will be pushing out across Kaiapoi as much as possible. It will run from August 1st until October 31st and we will collate the answers in time for our second Kaiapoi Brand meeting in November.”

The November meeting will focus around the results of the survey and work towards a plan of action from there.

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