Publish date: 17/10/2018

As the post-quake landscape of the Waimakariri District continues to take shape, the Waimakariri District Council (WDC) has mandated Enterprise North Canterbury (ENC) to attract investment and businesses to the district. 

ENC’s Business Support Manager Miles Dalton has been tasked with the role of attracting new investment to the region which will in turn generate more jobs and wider benefits to the local economy. Dalton works closely with WDC Business and Centres Manager Simon Hart and his team who provide advice and support for business interaction with the council’s regulatory functions and services.

Taking on the business investment and attraction activity is a natural extension of Dalton’s existing role at ENC, which he began in 2014. His background as a Policy Advisor and Business Analyst for the Ministry of Social Development along with his deep understanding of the local business landscape means he can knowledgeably provide the data and support that new investors may need.

Dalton says his role is to act as “a connector, an information gatherer and a conduit”.

“I am in a position to provide honest and deep demographic and statistical information to investors to help them in their decision-making and make sure they have the support they need so that any project has the best likelihood of long-term success.

“Waimakariri has had a lot of development post-quake, and much of this has been ‘big-box’ development. My focus is on looking at investments that will fit the ‘sense of place’ that individual communities have, and help to enhance those communities through sensible investments that are a good fit.”

In addition to the five small-to-medium scale investments that he has already guided through the full process from enquiry to establishment, Dalton is currently working with 18 potential investors that include manufacturers, food producers, medical experts, accommodation providers, retailers and hospitality providers.

“It’s a long game; people do not choose to make large investments overnight,” Dalton explains. “I work with potential investors over months, and sometimes years, to make sure everything they need is in place so that they can make an investment and they are comfortable with the path they are taking.”

Dalton is currently liaising with a number of local developers and property owners and is looking forward to working with the Waimakariri District Council to bring suitable businesses into the proposed mixed-use business zone in Kaiapoi.

If you require support with bringing your investment to the Waimakariri District, contact Miles on or 021 570 141.

Enterprise North Canterbury was established in 2002 by the Waimakariri and Hurunui District Councils to promote economic development in North Canterbury, and works alongside businesses to develop an innovative and prosperous region. Find out more at