Publish date: 13/09/2017

Enterprise North Canterbury (ENC)is seeking new voluntary trustees to join its board.  

 As the local economic development agency ENC are dedicated to supporting the North Canterbury business community.  This year we have engaged with more businesses than ever in a collaborative and effective manner. ENC is the bridge between the business community and local and central government delivering national programmes in the region. Being independent, apolitical and without vested interests, ENC is well able to deliver economic growth initiatives and does so with pride.   

 However, our Board of Trustees play a key role in ENC’s strategy and vision.  Our current trustees include local business owners and directors all with a deep knowledge of their industries and region.   

 Up to seven voluntary trustees serve on the Board at any one time and some trustees have reached their maximum term of nine years.  This means we are now looking for new trustees.   Ideally they will have some experience of governance roles along with significant business experience and above all they will be passionate about the region and its future.   

 If you feel you have the skills, knowledge and passion to take up one of these roles then please click here for further details and to apply