Publish date: 18/07/2019

The rebuild of Kaiapoi is attracting businesses from outside the Waimakariri District in an exciting phase of growth.

Two brand new businesses and one from outside the Waimakariri District will be opening in the new Riverview retail complex in central Kaiapoi in September, joining three existing Waimakariri businesses who are moving from their current locations.

Shoe Therapy, Shine hairstylists and Nori Table Sushi will all be new to the district when they open their doors in the Riverview complex, with the former two opening for the first time and the latter Christchurch-based business expanding into Kaiapoi.

Shoe Therapy owner Debbie Reeves says she chose to start her business venture in Kaiapoi because of the commercial growth she can see happening.

“Having spent the last three plus years working in Kaiapoi and living nearby, there has been a lot of residential growth and now the commercial growth is really taking off. The best is yet to come,” she said.  

Nori Table Sushi’s Jini Kim, who opened her first branch of the pick-your-own sushi restaurant in Christchurch earlier this year, concurs: “There is a lot of good development happening in Kaiapoi at the moment, and we think the town will just get bigger from here. We did our research, and feel that this is a very good opportunity to open Kaiapoi’s first pick-your-own sushi bar.”

Shine hairstylist's owner also spied the opportunity, having lived in Kaiapoi and worked in both Kaiapoi and Christchurch for a number of years. 

"I saw the development and just thought it was awesome. So many of my clients commute to Christchurch for a quality salon experience and this will mean they don't have to." 

Craze fashion boutique and Kaiapoi Florist will both be moving from their existing Williams Street locations to open afresh in the Riverview retail complex, while Woodend-based architectural designers RW Design will be moving into the complex’s upstairs space.

Sherie McKinlay, who owns Craze, says she’s thrilled at the opportunity to move into a larger retail space without having to move out of Kaiapoi.

“I’ve been in this space for six years now and I’ve outgrown it. I’ve been sitting here waiting for an opportunity like this to come up here as I would never relocate anywhere else. Kaiapoi is just getting bigger and better; we’re becoming a destination.”

Kaiapoi Florist owner Suzie Lambert is also opting to stay in town.

“It’s amazing where Kaiapoi is going; it’s on the up. I’m definitely here to stay.”

The Riverview retail complex is located on the corner of Williams and Charles Streets and is scheduled to open in the first week of September, with Shine hairstylists opening in October. Owner Jedd Pearce of PLC Group says there is one tenancy remaining in the complex.