Publish date: 14/09/2017

Totalspan North Canterbury franchise owners, Jamie and Ellen Peterson, are reaping rewards for their hard work.

 The couple who bought the franchise three and a half years ago, have picked up four awards at the recent Totalspan National Conference in Melbourne - Strategic Excellence Winner, Sales Excellence Winner, Local Marketing Winner and also Franchise Of the Year 2017.  The couple were competing against the other 29 New Zealand franchises.

“It was a huge achievement for us” says Ellen, “We thought we’d improved in our business, but you don’t know what other people are doing.  When they announced us as Franchise of the Year we were shaking”.

Ellen and her husband Jamie bought the franchise and started business in January 2014.  At the time they were living in Australia and the rigorous application process to purchase the franchise took around 6 to 8 months says Ellen, with one of the Totalspan general managers even flying over to interview them.

Jamie had previously worked as a contractor with Totalspan, so he knew about the building process.  However, in the early days of running their own franchise he also got hands on with other roles such as project management and sales.  Whilst Ellen focused on marketing and training.

“It was tough at the start” says Ellen, “Getting everything up and running, building up a good work culture around health and safety and things like that”.  But they now have a great team she says and the initial hard work is paying.  They employ seven staff in their Woodend office and also work with a team of contractors.