Publish date: 13/08/2019

Businesses in Amberley are proving there’s strength in numbers as they approach the second anniversary of their local business group, AmberleyNZ.

The group, which was formed in late 2017, now comprises 80 members from all sectors of the local business community who meet regularly with a shared vision.

“Our aim is to create prosperity for our business owners and pride for our residents,” explains AmberleyNZ Chair Claire Inkson.

“We work to swiftly get initiatives in place to attract visitors to Amberley and make it easy for them to find all shopping and amenities to make their visit memorable. We also aim to create a platform that allows residents and visitors to access information easily about Amberley - past, present and future.”

Since the group’s establishment, AmberleyNZ has created a destination map, a range of bumper stickers, a number of seasonal business campaigns throughout the township and a series of collaborative advertising campaigns through print and radio media.

They’ve also worked together to achieve Incorporated Society status, which Claire says was “vitally important when seeking outside funding”.

With their social media also now set up and operating, the group is working on establishing a website and marketing strategy by the end of the year.

“Amberley is now widely known for its vibrant café scene and boutique shopping, as well as being the gateway for the North Canterbury Wine Region,” says Claire.

“Our tagline is ‘Eat, Shop, Pamper, Play, Stay’, and we want everyone to come and visit Amberley to discover what we’ve got here.”

Enterprise North Canterbury Business Growth Advisor Guy Graham says the progression of the group is impressive.

“The way Amberley businesses have taken the idea for a collaborative marketing group and produced a range of promotional campaigns and marketing channels is fantastic. Operating a business in a small town isn’t easy, so having a supportive and proactive group such as this one is a real bonus for local business owners.”

Anyone wishing to join AmberleyNZ can email Claire Inkson, or contact the organisation via their Facebook page.